11 January 2015

A Walk in the Fresh Air


I walked along the Shiba river in Saitama. Both side of the river spread the flat crop land. It was very windy and reminded me of the long walk I did along the Ouse Washes. But the crop were mixture of rice and vegetable, such as daikon radish and Chinese cabbage, as well as trees for gardens and streets and in the distance, I could see high-rise building of Saitama Shintoshin and the mountain range of Okutama.

ツグミ(Dusky Thrush)

Below are some sketches from Jyogashima island on a Sunday. People were enjoying their time before the work or school start after new year holiday.


On the island, there is a cliff where the Japanese cormorants and the Pelagic cormorants spend winter.  A young peregrine was there, too.  


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