3 January 2015

The Land of Geese

The main purpose of the Tohoku trip was, of course, to visit Izunuma and Kabukurinuma, the place for thousands of wintering geese. The old records suggest that there used to live lots of geese in Tokyo bay as well but after the big development and landfill, they are all gone and now we have to go either Tohoku area or the Japanese sea side to see them.  

We got to the Lake Izunuma earlier than the sunrise and waited.  It was freezing cold but the calls of the geese getting noisier and noisier brought us an uplifting feeling.   

Several minutes after the sunrise, at around 7:20, suddenly, they all started to take off.  It was just like Peter Scott's paintings.  The sun was already starting to warm us.
I come here to watch it only one morning in several years perhaps but it's a drama taken place every winter day for hundreds of years.   


Greater White-fronted Geese

I like watching birds feeding. It is not only because they are more likely to stay at a place and it is easier to draw but because I feel that they are not worrying about us.

Ural Owl 予期しない鳥との出会いは格別にうれしい。気づいたら道路脇にいたフクロウ。こんなにしっかりスケッチができてしまった!
He (or she) was sitting and sleeping on a pine tree at the roadside!
I picked a sketchbook, which my friend got me from India, and drew.  This paper didn't absorb water as easy as normal one but that made an interesting effect with brush strokes.

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