5 August 2015

21 o'clock, time to go out again!

It was still bright well over for two hours after the guided tour finished around half eight to nine. Almost everyone was out looking for more birds.

But not me on this day.  I stayed in my cosy warm room and painted this from the window.  It was 23:00.

The other day though I went out, too, in the late evening.  
There was a red-necked phalarope circling round and round in a little bond near the accommodation.  



Nootka Lupine(ハウチワマメ属)

Lapland longspur or Lapland bunting on wild celery. The flowers were in full bloom, even the monkshood.
“What is the difference, Potter, between monkshood and wolfsbane?"
I am glad that I didn't touch it! The guide told us that it could poison you merely by touching it and lead you to death! 

アカアシミツユビカモメ(Red-legged Kittiwake)
The guide told us that it's been bad years for kittiwakes and the breeding number has been decreasing.  As a result there was no red-legged pair breeding on the cliff this year.  But there were several of them flying and resting as well as bathing in a lake.    

Semipalmated Plover and mare's tails(ミズカキチドリとスギナモ)

Northern Fur Seal(キタオットセイ)


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