12 August 2015

Back in Anchorage

We flew back to Anchorage a day earlier and did more birdwatching on the mainland Alaska. It was scheduled that way in case the flight from the island didn't fly due to bad weather.  But it gave us opportunity to see more bird species, too.


American Robin at Hill Side Park. (コマツグミ)

We had a nice birding time at Potter Marsh and observed another bald eagle's nest.

On the last evening, we again found ourselves at Westchester Lagoon. 
Red-necked grebes were breeding in the lake. 

Belted kingfisher (アメリカヤマセミ)
One of us spotted this belted kingfisher perching at the far side of the lake.  It was too far away but I sketched it as a memento.  

I believe this was a lesser yellowlegs. But I didn't care much about what the species was because its silhouette against the dazzling water surface was just beautiful.  It was a perfect ending for a great birding tour.  

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