19 December 2015

In Search of Birds of Prey



A peregrine was plucking a coot.  When Slaty-backed Gull came and circled above him, he was annoyed and decided that he had enough for a meal.  He flew away.  

We also saw Merlins!  When I see a Merlin, I can not help but imagining a charming wizard, living backwards in time, from The Once and Future King!   

We watched harriers roosting from the car.  Flat landscape and the red round sun reminded me of East Anglia.  I wished there was a hide and we were watching from it, like the one in Woodwalten Fen, perhaps.  It's so much nicer somehow.  Especially after everything finishes, having to walk back to the car through the marsh or along the bank in darkness makes the experience somewhat more special.  


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