28 July 2017


I had finally submitted the artworks for my third picture book of the year and got some free time!  It was such a relief to finish it as I had been working under a very tight schedule since last autumn.  I will write about my projects sometime later, but for now, I need a break!  

We had the summer festival in the neighbourhood this evening.  All the kids from the area gathered at a local park.  I didn't know that there are that many children in this area!    


A little girl in Yukata, a traditional summer dress.  


Last sunday, I happened to see a part of the summer festival of the Hashirimizu shrine in Yokosuka.  They carry the Mikoshi (a portable shrine) around the local villages and the sea.    

In this sketch, I tried to capture the scene when local men rush to the boat, which carried the Mikoshi across the sea,  to welcome the god and carry it to their village.   


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