17 August 2017

ニコン サステナビリティ報告書

ニコンのサステナビリティ報告書の表紙画を作らせていただいた。 ニコンが活動を支援している日本自然保護協会の赤谷のイヌワシだ。去年、赤谷の森でイヌワシの雛が育ったことを記念して三星鷹(幼鳥)にしてみた。

I made a linocut print of juvenile Golden Eagle for Nikon's Sustainability Report in 2017.  

It was created in four colour, reduction method.  
I always find it difficult to choose the right colour for the green forest and blue sky of Japanese scenery.   Green and blue scenery is beautiful to look at but when I try to paint it with pigments, the two colours seem to compete with each other and do not settle nicely together.  It may be because pigment blue can never be as transparent as the blue in the sky. But for this print, I am satisfied with the combination of the two colours... at least for now!


  1. Anonymous30/8/17 18:36

    That's a very good print! You are an expert in that process now.

    1. This is the same technique I used for the book that I illustrated, "Magnificent Birds" to be out in the UK in November.