21 January 2011

Parc à Paris

On the way to the Triomphe, we stopped by at La Parc de Monceau. This park is considered to be in English style with informal layout and curved walkways. But I could tell this park is in France, not in England because of the fence surrounding the pond.

フランス語は一言もわからないけれど、通りすがりのおばさんと"話し"込んでしまった! スケッチをしていると出会いがある。
I think this telegram from the father in the book called "Swallow and Amazon" really represents the English way of thinking. Even in city parks, there are often no fence along the edge of ponds or rivers in England. On the contrary, it seems that French loves fence! All the grass areas, ponds and some trees are fenced...just like those in Japan.

Actually, city parks in Paris look really similar to Japanese normal parks for children except for the huge number of statures and some stone architectures. At the Luxembourg garden, I learned that the tree species they use in the parks are quite similar as well: Ginkgo biloba, Platanus x acerifolia and a kind of Zelkova. And the way they chopped off the tree in a bad way...it is just like Japanese park. We must have learned the management of city park from France.

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