22 January 2011

This is the city-Paris, France

"It is just like any other big city, London, New York, Tokyo, except for two little things.
In Paris, people eat better. And in Paris, people make love - well, perhaps not better, but certainly more often."

"They do it any time, any place.
On the left bank, on the right bank...and in between.
They do it by day, and they do it by night."
From Love in the Afternoon

This was really true! In the metro, on the road, in the stores...people were kissing all the time!


  1. May we change Paris to Kissing City

  2. that's I found in Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome and special .... Lisbon.

  3. P'Oh!
    It's a good idea(^^)
    Hi Bwild,
    You'll never find that in Asia, I suppose.

  4. that's why I don't go there... I will be an alien there, will be to formal to myself.