4 July 2012

In rain

The weather forecast for that day was very bad but since it was not raining in the morning, some of us went to St. Abbs head again. It was foggy and windy.

When I had just finished the first wash on this painting, it started drizzling. And of course, the rain drops made marks on the wet colour. The paper got wet as if I misted it with spray water. Colours started to run and had no chance to dry. I had to put the painting quickly into a car.
But this is, in fact, one of my favorite pictures during the course!

The pink flowers at the front are thrifts. In Cicely Mary Barker's fairly series, "T" (for Ting) is a cute pink thrift fairly looking at sea and I used to love it. And just yesterday, my friend found the flower fairly book at the market and got it for me! Thank you!


  1. Grayowl935/7/12 19:10

    What a nice rainy day!

  2. Flower Fairy?
    Cicely Mary Barker's Thrift Fairy