6 September 2014

Trying to Sketch Dolphins

At Mikurajima Island, I swam with wild dolphins!
There are population of Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins living around the island throughout the year. Quite a few individuals are identified and named since 1994.  So people now know who is staying in the area and who is whose son or daughter.

When they are in playful mood, they really come close to you.  One came to see me floating at the surface.   I could have touched him/her.

I know that it is a bit crazy but I tried sketching them in the water.  I used YUPO paper made of polypropylene, which I can write and draw with pencil in the water.


Rainfall on Mikurajima gets together as a rapid stream and goes into the sea as a waterfall. Since we had very wet days, we could see a good volume of waterfalls.

After loosing sight of a pod of dolphins, I found a Green Turtle!  
海と陸とをつないできた はるかな命よ!

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