24 November 2014



We spent two days in Kayabuki-no-sato (village of thatched houses) in Miyama, Kyoto.  People are still living in these traditional houses there so when you visit the place, you feel like you are in the village several decades ago.


We visited the Little Indigo Museum founded by Hiroyuki Shindo, a world famous indigo artist. He showed us the book called Indigo published by the British Museum and demonstrated how to dye cloth specially for us! We really enjoyed talking with him and leaning about indigo dyeing.

美山地区を紹介した美術番組が来月頭に放送されるようで、そのなかにこの小さな藍の美術館も出てくるそうだ。うちはNHK BSは入らないけど・・・。

「アート鑑賞マニュアル 美の壺 京都の奥座敷」
本放送:NHK BSプレミアム 2014年12月5日(金) 19:30-20:00
再放送:NHK BSプレミアム 2014年12月9日(火) 11:00-11:30

We stayed a night in a thatched roof cottage!   In the evening, only the top of the mountain turned pink by the setting sun.
The evening meal was chicken Sukiyaki. There is a chicken farm in the village so chicken and fresh egg are famous there.

In the morning, I slipped out of the cottage before breakfast and painted the misty scenery.

The village was a very good birdwatching place as well. We saw daurian redstarts, bull-headed shrikes, meadow buntings, rustic buntings, yellow-throated buntings, a Japanese green woodpecker as well as many black kites hanging around.


We did a long walk by the river, too. There were two brown dippers and a kingfisher!

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