19 February 2016

Harriers show

The breathtaking scene we had during the Thai trip was on the penultimate evening. We were taken to a simple hide made of reeds by a lake.  I thought it was much better than a wooden steady hide because we could open watching holes anywhere on the wall of reed according to the number of people and the hight we prefer. The wholes can be closed easily by putting the reeds together.

We waited as it got darker. 

Suddenly, a Pied Harrier came and sat on the ground in front of us.   A stunning male!  I started sketching him through the spotting scope.    

Then I noticed that there were a female and a male sitting close to each other a bit further a head.  I started sketching them, too, not realising what was happening.  

When I looked up with naked eye, I was astonished!  There were not just one or two pied harriers but more than 40 of them!  Mostly male pied harriers and several female and a few Eastern Marsh Harriers.  
I'd never imagined to see so many harriers at once.

クロノビタキ(Pied Bushchat)

キバラクロシメ♀(Spot-winged Grosbeak)
We went to Nam pu roon, a hot spring, where a geyser moistens trees with salty water. Birds such as this Spot-winged Grosbeak comes to the trees to lick the salt.  

カンムリオウチュウ(Hair-crested Drongo)


Two purple birds together! Purple Heron and Purple Swamphens.


Little Pratincoles at Mae Nam Khong. (ヒメツバメチドリ)

カタグロツメバゲリ(River Lapwing)

This is the end of my Thai birds' posts!


  1. そうそう、初めてこの鳥の見た写真がちょうどこんな感じで、このかわいらしさを知ってから、ずっと会いたいと思っています。日本には来なさそうですからね。。。

    1. Hiyokichiさん、