6 February 2016

North Thailand

I visited North Thailand again in mid January leading a birdwatching tour.  It was nice to be back in Thailand.  The minute I stepped off from the airplane and smelled the air in Bangkok, all good and bad memories came back to me.  I wished I stopped by at Bangkok for a few days.
We started birding from the second day.  

I learned that this bird's funny name Avadavat came from an Indian city, Ahmedabad in Gujarat, which was the heart of the bird's pet trade. I would rather like to call it by its other name, Strawberry finch.  It's much cuter and tells exactly how it looks like.


This is one bird species I'd learnt its Thai name during this trip! นกจับแมลงหัวเทา (nok jap maleen hua tao) literary means Grey-headed Flycatcher!


This year, we were lucky, again! We had a good view of the Rusty-naped Pitta, two of them!  

Pitta is a very shy bird.  I could see him (or her) for almost all the time we were there but a great deal of time, he stayed behind the bamboo bush and I could only make out either his head or bottom.   

Large Niltava(オオアオヒタキ)。


A group of Blue-winged Minlas were enjoying Himalayan Cherry blossom.(ルリハコバシチメドリ)。

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