25 February 2013

Birdwatching days

Last week, I had quite a few chances to go out birdwatching. I love going out alone and watching birds on my own pace, sketching. But there is something about birdwatching with friends or in a group.

Barn Owl (メンフクロウ)
Just before I came to England, a photographer told me at a party that Norflok is one of the best place to look for the barn owl. And I remember writing down "Norfolk, Barn Owl" somewhere in my notebook. At that time, I didn't imagine me going to Norfolk as often as I have and watching Barn Owl so many times!

Fieldfare (ノハラツグミ)

Bullfinch (ウソ)


  1. ヒヨ吉25/2/13 20:59


  2. ヒヨ吉さん、
    本当に、嘘みたいに真っ赤ですよね! この冗談が英語だとうまく説明できないところがとても残念です。