16 April 2014

Spring Sketches


Every time I go out, I find the season is changing.  Now the cherry blossom is almost over and their red calyx are remained.  Fresh green and red new leaves are coming out.  The woodland is totally in pastel colour!

I still don't know how to capture those colour!  

Spring is a busy time!  The Japanese pygmy woodpecker was working hard on making her nest hole.

Another special evening with the Diamond Fuji view, this time from Kamakura area.  These days there are only certain points where we can see the Mt. Fuji properly because of too many buildings disturbing our view.  So on the occasion like this, those special points are all crowded with people.  I can not help thinking back all the sunset views I had in the UK.  I could see the red big sun until it goes down to the horizon from almost any countryside locations and I could see no one around, or just one walking with his or her dog in far distance.   
But it was nice in a way to see lots of people, elderly, parents with her kids, group of girls and middle aged gentlemen, all coming out to see the sun, set on top of Mt. Fuji.   

◆ 4月19日(土) 10:00-15:00 東京港野鳥公園 

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