23 June 2014


On the 21st of June, we had another sketching day.
The midsummer day.
I couldn't help but thinking that for the last three years, I spent this day in North Berwick with the Seabird Drawing course members. I would go back to the campsite after a long chat with them at around 11 o'clock but, of course, in Scotland, it was still bright and I didn't need to turn on my torch at all.

In Japan, situated far down south, the sun set at 19:00. And it is in the middle of rainy season! It wasn't just because of that, but this time, we did our sketch inside at Abiko City Museum of Birds.





第4回フィールドスケッチ会は7月5日(土)に大磯照ヶ崎でアオバトを描く会を予定している。 詳細はこちら。ぜひご参加ください!

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