4 June 2014


I love mountains. The mountain scenery always makes me happy.
So I climbed one this spring, the 1601-metre-peak called Hinokiboramaru in Tanzawa. The Japanese Beech forest in spring was just stunning and two types of azaleas, pink Rhododendron wadanum and white Rhododendron quinquefolium, were both blooming beautifully.


I found my favorite spot and started to sketch. A few minutes later, I realised that everyone passing the mountain path stopped at where I was to take photos. Some even decided to take a little break there. But there were so many nice places with brilliant scenery almost all the way along the path. They didn't have to choose the exact spot, where I was, to disturb my quiet and peaceful time! I suspect that people are not looking at the beauty of the mountain as they climb unless they are told to do so by somebody or by sign boards at suggested view points. Or they can not decide what is beautiful and worth while taking photos unless someone tells them so!

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