28 October 2014

Autumn Sketches

I got several illustration and non illustration works to do and started to feel pressure of deadlines.  But I can not help going out to sketch sometimes. I love the time when I sit in front of anything interesting with a pencil and a sketchbook.



Grey-streaked Flycatcher

Young peregrine falcon.

This poor meadow bunting hit the window, which must have being reflecting the sky, and dropped dead. He must have been on his way migrating south.  He looked so intact.  I studied him to learn the feathers and to remember the colour.  

Just now a female daurian redstart came to my house for the first time this autumn!
そしてたったいま、ジョウビタキ♀がうちの窓際に生えているクワの木にやってきた! 家の近所での今年の初認だ。

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