13 May 2019


My little one finally started to move about.  It's amazing to see how she becomes able to do many things!  

She loves looking at and touching picture books these days.  I couldn't help but making a rubber stamp image of her. I printed it on a very thin, transparent Japanese paper and inserted some colour paper underneath.
The book she is reading is an actually existing book—"Wild! Mealtime" by my coursemate, Courtney Dicmas! 


最近チビは、好きなものは好き、嫌いなものは嫌い!  意思がはっきりしているのは良いことなのかもしれないが、離乳食が大変だ。ご飯は嫌い。スプーンも嫌い。スプーンにのったご飯なんか、絶対に食べない! 苦肉の策でパンにご飯をのせてみたら、パンかじりたさに案外喜んで食べたり。試行錯誤の毎日だ。


She is very curious about the world above the table and desk. She wants to touch everything that she is not allowed to do so. She noticed that a string was hanging out from a cabinet and tried so hard to reach it.
After some minutes of struggling, she got it! It was her hut that my mum made for her using the fabric I made with my design. She loves to touch it but hates to wear it!


These days, I find it very difficult to draw her. Because she is so interested in my sketchbook that the minute she finds me drawing, she comes to me...and grabs my sketchbook and chews on it.




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