3 June 2010



My next visit would be more than two years ahead, I thought, looking out of the airplane going back to Japan. Since it had become customary for me to come to Thailand every year, that realization somehow made me feel uneasy as if Thailand suddenly became far away--just like the time when I moved back to Japan nine years ago.


  1. Thailand is my second sweet home so I visti birding at Thailand everyear too.
    Ting, where did you come back to Japan nine year back?

  2. Dear Shintoh-san,
    Where do you usually go birding in Thailand?
    I was living near Rongrian Jeepun in Bangkok for a year nine years ago. At that time the area was still marshy grass land and I could see White-breasted waterhen, Purple Heron and Black-shouldered Kite.