14 August 2011


I spent half a day in Ely and joined Cambridge Bird Club's evening walk.

While sketching this I saw something moving in a Blackberry bush. At first I thought it was a Blackbird eating berries but It was round, had hair and long thin tail. Checking the Internet, I think, it was a Water Vole!



  1. hiyokichi14/8/11 10:14

    Evening event!?
    How nice!

  2. ヤマセミ14/8/11 14:37


  3. Hiyokichi-san,
    During summer there are several evening walks starting from six or seven on weekday. I found it so nice that people who is working can join them and it is still bright for several hours! It won't happen in Japan, will it?

  4. Very nice! First sketch reminded me a book called "Tom's Midnight Garden"
    I have my own pastel pencil set(Christmas gift). I don't use much these days...

  5. Hello Ting,
    I can see you are doing an experiences. Time for the different styles. My brother just sent me one of his Estonian friends` website. She is in Canada at the moment. Her website is www.helispodnek.com and she has done since childhood drawings about the horses and also as much as I know she even own one horse. Just have a look at it and maybe you will get an inspiration. I couldn´t look at it as much as I wanted and I will try also to have a check it later.

  6. Hi Hiromi,
    Oh, I love the book! I wish I could skate on the river. I should read it again...
    Hi Frank,
    Thank you for sharing the website. I haven't tried much drawings and paintings with photoshop yet...maybe someday!