7 August 2011

Hever Castle

I stayed a night in Hever Castle in Kent! My friend kindly took me to the trip as a baby-sitter during the dinner party.

Having drinks at the Music Room.

I couldn't help getting up early in the morning. I went out of my room opening heavy wooden door, which made a creaking noise in the very quiet corridor. The light coming in from the side through the windows was beautiful.

I wish I knew a lot more of British history. I learned a little in high school but I forgot most of them. And also the input of historical knowledge was in Japanese so that it was difficult for me to associate my knowledge and the explanation in English. I won't say that we should have learned history in English like Indian schools but we should have remembered proper pronunciation of names of people and facts! Anne Boleyn, for example, sounded very different from how we pronounce in Japanese and I didn't get it in the beginning.


  1. ヤマセミ8/8/11 17:43


  2. ヤマセミさん、

  3. Graham Holman10/8/11 19:44

    Hi Ting, We met at the party and I was hoping you would post your drawings!
    I hope you enjoy finding out more about English history.
    Kind regards,

  4. Mr. Graham Holman,
    I was so happy to find your comment! Thank you for checking my blog.
    Unlike in japan, many buildings and things have remained the same as it was in the past here in Britain, I found it more fun to learn history.