6 September 2013

What I had been working on

Since this spring I have been lazy not to put anything but sketches. But here are some more illustration type, final works.

Pattern I came up with from the sketches of Halimium flower in Spain. I love creating patterns and I am thinking of making a series of wrapping paper or something of that sort. Do you have any idea what I could do with these?

I made a painting of my friend's dog.

This was my entry for a book cover competition in Japan. I love this quirky children's book about wildcat restaurant by famous Japanese author Kenji Miyazawa. Because it is in Japanese, the front cover is on your left and the back on your right!

◇◆◇ お知らせ ◇◆◇
Place: 山脇ギャラリー 東京都千代田区九段南4-8-21。市ヶ谷駅より徒歩1分。

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