11 February 2015


町田市立博物館で開催中の展覧会「博物学の鬼才 小林重三の世界—鳥学と歩んだ画家」に合わせて行われたトークイベントで、「バードウォッチングをはじめてみよう」というお話をさせていただいた。
Today, I had a chance to give a lecture about how to start birdwatching at the Machida City Museum, which is currently having a great exhibition of Shigekazu Kobayashi, a Japanese bird illustrator from early twentieth century.



It was a great opportunity to think again on "what is birdwatching" and" what attracts me about birding." And it is nice, sometimes, to have different job from making illustrations at home, getting nervous in front of people and being sociable.  Since it was a talk event which was held along with the art exhibition, I also talked a little about how to sketch birds in the field.  I hope more people will start sketching birds!  

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