20 February 2015

Perry Island

Sarushima, an only natural island in Tokyo bay is just ten min away by ferry boat from Yokosuka.  Its Japanese name, "Sarushima," means "island of monkey" although there is none on the island.  The name came from a legend of Nichiren, a famous Buddhist monk, who was led to this island by a white monkey when he was caught in a sudden rainstorm. 

When Matthew Perry came to Japan in 1853 to open the country, he, of course, found this island and wrote about it as "Perry Island."
Located at the narrowest point in Tokyo Bay, it was an important place for defending Tokyo from the sea.  Since the end of Edo era there had been gun batterirs.  

It was a "Cormorant Island" rather!

Pelagic Cormorant (ヒメウ)

Japanese Cormorant (ウミウ)



I thought it was rather a rare opportunity to see both grey and Japanese wagtails at the same place, at a paddy field!

Japanese Green Woodpecker(アオゲラ)

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