20 December 2012

Street sellers

I love Thai streets full of people who have nothing yet are living day to day strongly.

A lady selling flowers under the BTS sky train in Bangkok.

The Sate restaurant that my friend recommended. We had a catfish!

Pa tong ko. The best way to start a morning in Thailand. All pa tong ko sellers have their own way of making the fried dough. This person made the metal cutting tool by himself.

A huge market exists behind a street.


  1. Frank Koop26/12/12 06:57

    This is something different from you Ting, I mean, market and so on. I remember the time if I was in London Briklane Market and also one another huge market. I had to draw there. It was worth of it. Keep in doing, Frank.

  2. Hi Frank,
    I love drawing markets and I always do when I visit one!