23 May 2014


鳥のイラストレーター仲間のヒヨ吉さんにお誘いいただき、男鹿半島に鳥を見に行ってきた。あまり鳥の情報がない男鹿での、渡り時期の鳥の様子を知りたいという純粋な興味からののんびり旅。久しぶりの遠出だった。 そして経由地の戸隠で、"ついで"に一時間ほど探鳥。なんという贅沢!

クロツグミ Japanese Thrush
Most of our summer visitors had already arrived and the forest is alive with birds singing and making nests and bringing food for their nestlings.

ミソサザイ Winter Wren
We have the same wren species as in Britain but somehow ours is not as common and can only be seen in the forest along streams. And I think Japanese one sings more beautifully with the help of echo in the narrow stream geography!

コサメビタキ Asian Brown Flycatcher
I need to relearn the songs of Japanese summer visitors, which I have completely forgotten.

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