18 May 2014

Little Tern Project



I started to participate in the researches for the Little Tern project.  Since we have less and less natural bare ground in Tokyo area for little terns to nest, they started nesting on the roof top of a sewerage facility building.   In 2001, one bird researcher happened to find it and started to protect them.   Now the project became big and people create good nesting ground for them, pulling out the weeds and spreading sea shells.

It seems that they love nesting on where white sea shells are to camouflage their eggs.


The research we did was to walk on the nesting ground to find and check their nests and eggs. It was very very very scary to walk on the nesting site. Their nests quite often mean just eggs laid on the ground. And their three tones eggs are so camouflaged in the gravel and shells. The worst thing to do is to step on them. So we needed to be super careful. 

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