22 November 2018

Life with a Baby

いつの間にかある日の一番のニュースが、 うまくおっぱいが飲めなくて大変だとか、オシメ替えに失敗してウンチが漏れたとか、寝たと思っても20分で起きてしまって困るとか、そんなことになっている。


My little one has been rather troublesome for the last few days, boycotting against drinking milk.  And that is really taking over my life and thoughts.  But I do believe that she will go on to another phase, soon.  


When I lay her on her stomach, she can lift her head quite hight only for a minute.  But she can't hold her head up yet. 

My mum bought this flamingo pattern coverall for her.  
Since she got many hand-me-down from my relative, she now has many clothes! 

With this sketch, I'd filled one whole sketchbook only with drawings of her!  

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