25 July 2009


A skull that I brought from my last research trip to Gunma.
This was my first time to find a skull in the wild and I could not figure out which animal's skull it was. So I asked Dr. Fukuda, a mammal specialist, who kindly told me that it was the skull of a Wild boar. He said that this one must have been shot by a hunter and butcherd near the stream.

I suddenly remembered that I had learned how to determine ages of Wild boar in the biology experiment class. So I searched for the handout.
Dental formula can tell the attribution of the animal. Although some of the teeth are already missing from this skull, you can see three cavities of incisors, which are characteristic to Wild boar since deer and Serow have no incisor. And this one has emerging permanent canines and two molars each on one side compared to three of mature adult. So I guess this is one-year-old Wild boar.




  1. hiyokichi27/7/09 14:28


  2. Dear Hiyokichi,
    It was really a bleached skull with no scary wet matter. (That's why I could bring it back.)