16 December 2014


Last Sunday we had our fifth sketching event. I remember talking with Godo-san as we started the event that it would be nice to make it five times in a year. So it's December and it was the fifth one! Here is the link to our official blog and you can find photos and participants' works of the day.

A couple of the oriental turtle dove  不思議とキジバトの姿が目立つ公園だった。

まだ枝に残るエノキの実を食べるシメ。(Hawfinch eating dried fruits of Celtis sinensis

シジュウカラ (Great Tit)
It was a brilliant sunny day...to start with.  I was focusing on the flock of long-tailed tits and great tits.  It was beautiful because they were in a maple tree still remained red and the sun was shining on them.
But when the flock was gone, I realised that I was freezing!
During the lunch time, the sun went into cloud and at one o'clock, it showered for half an hour.  It was very cold to sketch without the lovely sun.  But it didn't matter much since we started the critique at the information centre with biscuits!  

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