9 September 2015

Dover of the East

I had a nice weekend in Chiba before the typhoon comes.  
We were hoping to see more sandpipers and such since it was the World Shorebirds Day.  But we only saw some at lotus fields by the busy road and far away open land.  

It was the middle of the rice harvest season and tens of Intermediate and Cattle Egrets were gathering where the works were going on.  Chiba is the egrets country.

Brown cliff of Choshi and streaked shearwaters.  Choshi has a long stretch of cliff, around 10 metres high facing to the sea just like Dover only if it was white and the shearwaters were gannets.  

The best part was to sit and watch the reed bed along the Tonegawa, the biggest river in Japan and Kasumigaura lake.  It was so peaceful.  We watched two Oriental pratincoles flying and an Oriental Marsh Harrier and this Japanese reed bunting still singing.  I love vast flat land.           

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