19 February 2017


A visitor from Nagano got me out of the house. It was nice to be out in the field, watching birds, listening to the sea and feeling sunshine.


Slavonian Grebe.  We actually watched three other grebes in the area, the Great-crested, the Black-necked and the Red-necked and that left only the Little Grebe to complete all five grebes that can be seen in Japan.  Although it's a common bird, unfortunately, we did not find the little one this time. 


何しろスコープでのぞいている間中、この通り、同じポーズ。そして、ピンクの長い舌を出した! パーティ用クラッカーのリボンが飛び出た感じ。


Woodcocks came out in the late evening.  It was very interesting to watch their feeding behavior.  They seemed to just poke their beak randomly into the ground without looking and then find the prey by the sense of touch. 
Poke! Let's see... is there anything good?   

Rustic Bunting

I felt very tired after being exposed in the wind and the sun...I must have turned into a resident of the realm of Underground or even the realm of Bism under it. I am glad to be reminded that the sun still exists in this world before I forget it!

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