11 February 2017

Sunset and Sunrise

The memorable, special moments during trips are quite often at dawn and dusk. And it made me think that it's a pity that I only enjoy them during my travels.  I should make more efforts to be up and out and about to see the sun comes and goes on normal days, too as it happens everyday. 

One great scene we had during the Thai trip was harriers' roosting.  Dozens of harries, not swallows or starlings or egrets but raptors, gather in one view in darkening sky was really spectacular.
Someday, I will come back again with my proper sketchbook and watercolour paint to capture the whole scenery, I promised myself there.  

The last day of the Thai trip started at Mae Nam Khong.
When we went down at 6:15, everything was in dim light.  I could just about make out the shape of the mountain.  As we started our breakfast, it became brighter and brighter, minute by minute and the mist spread out.   And at 7:00, the sun rose, spreading its reflection on the river surface.




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