5 February 2017

Doi Angkhan and Doi Lang


マユヒタキ(Ultramarine Flycatcher)

I was really happy to have a good view of Silver-eared Mesias.
My Thai birding friend once told me that I looked like Mesia.  I imagined this Silver-eared Mesia, which was always calling me with its characteristic song but never showed me its colourful feature, hiding in the bush.  
Why do I look like it?  I don't dress colourful, I do not have a black cap!
It turned out that she was talking about an actress from Hong Kong, Michelle Yim, who is called Mesiah in Thai. 
I still wonder though, do I look like her?  At least, she and I are more alike than Silver-eared one and I.  

Black-throated Sunbird was hovering at the Mexican bush sage flower bed . With the afternoon sun, the feather shone brighter than shown in the guidebook.

ノドグロヒタキ(Rufous-gorgeted Flycatcher)

Line drawing of Red-whiskered Bulbul. 


ロクショウヒタキ(Verditer Flycatcher)
Looking at this bird, I was imagining how to create this colour with my five primary colour inks for printmaking.

カンムリカヤノボリ(Crested Finchbill)
I am rather pleased with this sketch!

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