27 March 2016

Divers day


I joined the seabird research at Sagami Bay last Saturday. We chartered a fishing boat and cruise around the bay. It's the time we can hope to see the Ancient and the Japanese Murrelet.  

ウミスズメ(Ancient Murrelet)

カンムリウミスズメ(Japanese Murrelet)
It's always good to be able to compare the two species.



It was a divers day. We saw several Black-throated Divers and flocks of Pacific Divers.  My friend expert told me that they are now on the way migrating north.  

We found a flock of 14 divers from distance and decided to follow it!


ウトウ(Rhinoceros Auklet)

The big moment came after having a good observation of this Rhinoceros Auklet.
For a long time, some people kept seeing a big flock of ducks flying in the distance but could not make out what they were.  And suddenly, the flock flew toward us.    

"They're Garganeys!!!!," one shouted.
The first one came into my view indeed had a white eyebrow.
It was a flock of 70+ birds and all of them seemed to be Garganeys.  

Garganey is a very rare bird here. It must be a first record of such a big flock around here.  It was my lifer in Japan and I saw 70 of them!  It was just two kilometres off shore but it is the world we still do not know at all.


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