17 March 2016

Taman Nasional Bali Barat 1

I couldn't have missed the chance to go to Taman Nasional Bali Barat, flying all the way to Bali.

のトゥリマ湾を越えて行く隠れ家みたいなところだ! カツオドリやオオアジサシが飛び、ジャワ島がすぐ向こうに見える。

I spent a full day birdwatching with a guide in the national park.  I saw many many birds including several endemic species to Java and Bali or to Indonesia.  Here are some birds I managed to sketch! 

Just before the sunrise, the guide picked me up at a pier and this Great-billed Heron sitting on the rock became the first bird to observe.  No particular marking, plain bird but it has a large bill hence the name.   

Look at its crest!  The outer edge is opera pink, middle is purple and the base is shiny blue!  


Coppersmith Barbet. Subspecies in Java and Bali, M. haemacephala rosea, has red face instead of yellow.
I clearly remember that this bird was not supporting himself with his tail, because it caught my attention while sketching.  But looking at photos and photos of barbets, they usually do seem to hold themselves with their tail when perching like woodpeckers.  


モモグロヒメハヤブサ(Black-thighed Falconet)

カンムリアマツバメ(Grey-rumped Treeswift)

And I did manage to see "Bali's celebrated one true endemic (described in Birds of Bali)", Jalak Bali or Bali Myna in the wild.  My first encounter was in the forest and I saw it fly above me.  Pure white rounder shape with black fringe!  It was beautiful! 



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