28 July 2016


Watching birds is an excellent way to get close to the natural world and start learning about it.  But if you only watch birds when going to beautiful places, that's very one-sided and sad.  Flowers and mammals of the St. Paul Island were amazing, too!

I painted this spending an hour of the long evening.  I call it evening because it was bright, but it was actually around 22 o'clock!  It's amazing to be able to do it.
I can bear less sun in winter to have long daylight in summer.  I can always make stories during the dark months, I suppose!   

Whitish Gentian(トウヤクリンドウ)
We walked a little bit toward the seabird cliff from the South West Point. Form there to the North Point, you can not go by car but on foot. It must be a brilliant experience to walk on the cliff for seven hours, forgetting the scope and big camera for once.  But the guide told us that she never get to do it with any customers.

キタオットセイ(Northern Furseal)


They sit in such an attractive posture to draw! 

A Harbor Seal popping up from the sea.  The guide spotted the Steller Sea Lion to us, too.

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