21 July 2016

Where the Wild Puffins Are

It's always exciting to go to a new place but I love going back to a place for the second time.  Because you can never take in everything in a short stay especially if it is a place like St. Paul island, which is so out of the daily life.  The same things from last year and the different things from last year, they all give me deeper understanding of the place.  
And of course, you can never get bored looking at a sea bird colony!

ツノメドリ(Horned Puffins)


エトピリカ(Tufted Puffin)


It's a quick drawing and the head might be too small but I was happy to capture the shape with few lines.  


ウミオウム(Parakeet Auklets)

ハシブトウミガラス(Thick-billed Murre)

コウミスズメ(Least Auklets)
When looking at a bird guide book, you'd never imagine that this would become your favorite of the auks.  But when watching the real birds at a colony, you can not help it!  

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