16 September 2016


The word "Kuina" in the title of my blog means the Rails or Rallidae in Japanese.  The title can be translated as "17th street of Kuina avenue."  I love that family even though I have not seen many species.
Yambaru Kuina or Okinawa Rail is an iconic species in this family in Japan because it is endemic only to the Yambaru area on the mainland Okinawa and was discovered as recent as 1981.

Last weekend, I finally got a chance to visit Okinawa to see them.  One dream came true! 


After the sun set, they came to the river to bathe.  One crouched down to soak its breast and stood up to let the waterdrops trickle down its back.  It was the same way how moorhen does.  

In the morning we saw one eating mulberries.  It looked exactly like my Little Brown eating blackberries.  


The previous night our friend guide spotted us a sleeping rail. Okinawa Rail roost on  trees to keep away from snakes.
The next day, we went back to the place at the break of dawn.  We parked the car far behind and checked the tree with a scope.  

There it was, a silhouette rail walking down the tree.  Since they can not fly, they have to walk up and down the tree.
There was another one on a different branch.  The fist one waited for the other to come down lower before it jumped on the ground together.  They seemed to be a family.  


A snail endemic to Yambaru, the Okinawa Rail's snack.

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