18 November 2010

Time for brownie!

My uncles friend recommended me to visit the Borough Market on Saturday. And it was a great place! I just sketched a lot.

Some sellers were very kind...like the person in this brownie stall. He not only allowed me to stay at the back but also gave me a piece of brownie!

But sometime I was asked to pay 5 pounds to draw(she was joking, thought).


Dutch cheese

いくらでも食べたいものが見つかるから危険だ。でも買わずにはいられなかったのは瓶入りプリン。中身にももちろん心を引かれたけれど、瓶! とりのなん子さんも使っていたような気がするが、安定していて水彩用の水入れにちょうど良いのだ。中身を食べて、瓶が手に入るお得さがうれしい。


  1. I love the one 'Dutch Cheese' After a few minutes I could imagine by there faces what they have in mind... Thanks to post it.

  2. I bought a big jar of pickle just because I wanted a jar as water container for painting. I didn't remember the taste of pickles...must be so-so(pudding sounds much better).

  3. Hi Vasco,
    Drawing this I was also listening to the lady explaining about the special cheese as they did.
    Hi Hiromi,
    Oh, everybody is doing the same thing!! Pudding was nice. But you won't be able to find any big jar with pudding in it...

  4. Again you stop the time in your draws... thanks to share whit us...