13 October 2018


The other day, we took our baby to a shrine for the first time and asked the priest for a special ritual of blessing.





She now has variety of facial expression and follow things with her eyes.  It's getting fun to play with her so I get less time to sketch her.  

It's difficult to draw when she is awake!  

Sleeping happily with Oochan, the orangutan.  I got this big orangutan just before she was born, intending to take photos of the two regularly and compare their size as she grows. 

3 October 2018



We found a prepupa of a butterfly, Angled sunbeam, the other day. I knew that it was about to become a chrysalis and indeed, it changed its shape when I saw it again early next morning.

I went to see it again and again and also checked the weather forecast.  Friday was going to be a sunny day after few days of rain.  So on Thursday evening, I brought the branch back home.  

On Friday, the colour of the chrysalis darkened but it didn't emerge in the morning, and not in the afternoon either... 

Nearly seven o'clock in the evening, it finally came out and it was a beautiful orange one, a male butterfly!