2 May 2016


Trying to catch up and capture the spring.  The season changes day by day.  


Common Kingfisher. 

The Peregrine brought out a Japanese Tit, which he'd stored between the rock before, to give to  his mate.   

“I have always longed to be part of the outward life, to be out there at the edge of things, to let the human taint wash away in emptiness and silence as the fox sloughs his smell into the cold unworldliness of water; to return to town a stranger. Wandering flushes a glory that fades with arrival.” ("The Peregrine" by J.A Baker) 

Whenever I see Peregrine, I always think that I must read J.A. Baker's "The Peregrine" because it is quoted by many books I recently read.  And the writing is so beautiful!  



Black-crowned Night Heron.

シュンラン(Cymbidium goeringii


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