23 May 2016




I joined the Little Tern Project's nest research again.  It is a project to create a nesting ground for the Little Tern on the roof top of a sewerage facility building.  The place is very close to Haneda airport and you see the airplanes regularly taking off in the background.  

It's been successful and this year the rooftop seems to hold 1500 birds.  The generation born there must be increasing.
"Nest is supposed to make on a rooftop, isn't it?  I was born there and so was my mother.  Penthouse is the best, you know?"  Some young might be thinking so! 


A peregrine came to the colony and took one adult!  After the accident, Little Terns made big flocks and kept flying round and round the area for more than 20-30 minutes as if they were mourning for the lost one.  


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