9 May 2018

I've Got Married!

I've got married. 
That's what seemed to have happened in the last few weeks. 

I'd never been a girl who would dream of a prince charming on a white horse nor would believe that I must get married someday.  And for the past few years, I loved feeling free to plan my life, go and live anywhere and was just very content having lots of works, creating children's books and illustrations.  
So the idea of becoming a wife of someone, tied to a new family and having more responsibilities scared me.   

But now that I took the big step, I am enjoying it.  It really changes the aspect of the life.  

My husband and I started our new life in the apartment room with a view of Mt. Fuji,  surrounded by orchards.  

大学生の頃から"顔は知っている人"だったのだけれど、はじめて個人的に喋ったのは、留学から帰国して直後の市ヶ谷の駅だった。彼は会社の昼休みに山𦚰でのワイルドライフアート協会展を見に来てくれていて、展示会場へ向かうわたしとすれ違ったときに、「この展示見ました? ぜったいに行ったほうがいい。好きだと思う」と鞄から、とてつもなく皺くちゃになった大野麥風展のチラシを取り出してくれた。

『きょうは たびびより』を作るきっかけとなった、ヒヨドリの渡りを見に真鶴半島に連れて行ってくれたのも彼だ。



Starting a new life, I bought a big new desk!  I had been using my old one from my junior high school days for so long.  This is the first step for my dream studio space in the future. 

わたしの場合は、家庭でもあり仕事場でもある"ホーム"が変わる人生の転換点。 新しい世界が広がって、作品作りにも変化があるだろうか。


  1. Many congratulations, Ting! We enjoyed seeing your flamingo and other illustrations in the book in the Minsmere shop last weekend. We didn't see any Adders, but we saw a Common Lizard.

    1. Thank you! And I am so pleased to hear that the book is on sale at Minsmere reserve shop!!!

  2. おめでとうございます。末永く、お幸せに!

  3. Anonymous20/5/18 20:26

    Congratulations Ting and Kenji. May you have many happy years together!