13 July 2018


The highlight of the Mt. Fuji trip was at Nashigahara, the grassland at the foot of the mountain.
It was in the late afternoon and very hot. 
I spotted a bump on a grass hill and watched it through a field scope.  I realised that it was a Latham’s Snipe! 

ちょっと小高くなったところに、何かあるような気がして望遠鏡に入れてみたら、なんとオオジシギだった! ほとんど動かずにじっとしていたけれど、時折、ズビズビズビと鳴いた。

Then a few minutes later, it took off to the sky for display flight. 
It made a big circler flight around us singing loudly and from time to time it swooped down making the unusual sound by its tail feathers.  It kept round and up and down for many many times against the magnificent the Mt. Fuji. It was beautiful and exciting!


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